Football Clubs With Most Goals Scored In One Year Since 2000, In The Top 5 Leagues

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Every victory comes after scoring goals. However there is no victory is the club. Has not scored a goal. In that regard this article shall list the clubs with highest goals from the years 2000.

The list is as follows;


During the year 2010 the club that recorded the highest number of goals in the top 5 Leagues in the world was FC Barcelona. It had 113 goals.

Curtsey/ Photo of previous FC Barcelona squad.


In 2011 Real Madrid broke the record of 2010 by FC Barcelona of recording 113 goals. Real Madrid recorded 119 goals in 2011.


In 2012 FC Barcelona recorded a total of 121 goals, breaking Real Madrid's 2011 record.


In 2013 Barcelona's record was not broken. However, Real Madrid was the club that recorded the highest number of goals in that year, with a total of 111 goals


In 2014 the number of goals went down when compared to 2013. However Real Madrid recorded 110 goals and they were the highest goal scorers.


Things went down in 2015 as FC Barcelona failed to break it's record it set on 2012 (121 goals. It instead recorded 109 goals. FC Barcelona was the club with the highest number of goals in 2015.

Curtsey/ Photo of Real Madrid players celebrating a goal.


In 2016 Barcelona was the club with the most goals. It recorded 113 goals. It improved with 4 goals from the record it set on 2015.


2017 FC Barcelona was the top goal scorers with a total of 120 goals. It really improved form the 2016 statistics.


FC Barcelona was the top club with the highest number of goals. It recorded 102 goals. Although it did not perform their best as compared to 2017.


Manchester City was the first club from England since 2010 to set a record of highest goal scorers. It scored 115 goals.


In 2020 Manchester City recorded the most number of goals. It has a total of 112 goals.


FC Bayern Munich was the first club form German to set the record of highest goal scorers since 2010. It recorded a total of 102 goals.

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