Raila Meets Mt Kenya Leaders In Mombasa


The ODM party leader and former Prime Minister Hon Raila Amollo Odinga is busy traversing the country in an effort to galvanise his supoort bases.

Raila Odinga who has not yet publicly declared interest to run for presidency is seemingly trying to marshal numbers before he makes a declaration.

However having a cold relationship recently With his former National Super Alliance (NASA) co-principals, he recently said that he is still hopeful that NASA will be resuchiated back to life. The co-principals yesterday met to discuss the possibility of staying in NASA or going forward to strengthen their One Kenya Alliance (OKA)

Two days ago, Raila's political nemesis, deputy President William Ruto has been in the coast too popularising his hustler nation.

Today Raila is in Mombasa, with Mt KENYA leaders led by Majority leader Amos Kimunya, nominated Mp Maina Kamanda and others.

Raila Odinga in his facebook page said "Begun the day with a working breakfast meeting in Mombasa with central Kenya leaders"

Though the matter discussed has not not been unfolded, but speculations are underground plans for the 2022 elections

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