Herman Mashaba Left Everyone Speechless After He Said This

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ActionSA pioneer Herman Mashaba hosts repeated the gathering's obligation to advocate for the groups of three Vantage Goldfields Lily Mine workers who were caught when a focal point of support fell into a sinkhole on February 5 2016.

Almost six years after the fact, the misery endures as the collections of Yvonne Mnisi, Solomon Nyirenda and Pretty Nkambule stay underground. The three kicked the bucket when the compartment wherein they were working imploded and sank into the ground.

Mashaba said as long as ActionSA is near, the party will make every effort to guarantee the holder is recovered.

He said the party has up to this point burned through R1.3m in legitimate expenses in endeavors to challenge government and the proprietors of the mine and help the families.

"On February 5 it will be a long time since the holder imploded and you and I, we continue with our lives. Here we have three guiltless dark families who have their friends and family in a compartment just 70m down.

"Whether or not I'm alive, that compartment will be recovered," said Mashaba.

On Tuesday Mashaba went to a night vigil with the families and local area outside the mine.

He said the recovery of the bodies will permit families to track down conclusion.

Mashaba said an individual from one impacted family stopped college since he was unable to adapt to the misery and injury.

"The families are requesting conclusion," he said.

Taking to online media, he named the mine a "crime location".


I was lucky to be permitted into the mine region where the compartment with Pretty Nkambule, Yvonne Mnisi and Solomon Nyirenda fell on 5 February 2016.

The holder is as yet be recovered.

I respect this region is a crime location pic.twitter.com/ZdHbjj8tW2

- Herman Mashaba (@HermanMashaba) January 25, 2022

Joseph Mathunjwa, leader of the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union, on Tuesday pursued for government mediation.

"The public authority is the caretaker of minerals and issues licenses to the mines. We accept the public authority has the high ground as far as the guidelines and mandates. We are subsequently right to say the public authority is capable,"

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