Kindiki: Meru People Are Loyal And They Will Give You a Lot Of Votes, They Will Amaze You


The Meru senator Mithika Linturi was today with the deputy president William Ruto in Meru county where they held a series of rallies across the county. The Dp was also accompanied by a good number of Tangatanga leaders who drummed up support for his presidential bid.

In his address to the huge crowd, the Ruto pointman in Meru region Linturi assured the Dp that Meru people were loyal and always kept and respected political agreement and promises. He thus told them that he was going to get a lot of votes from them as they were only waiting for the right time to come.

The Senator said that they were aware of the political promise the head of state Uhuru Kenyatta had given to Ruto. He went on to say that Uhuru promised the Dp that he was going to govern the country for a period of ten years and support him for a similar term when he leaves the office.

He though urged the residents to stick to the promise and support Ruto when the right time come. He however cautioned them from getting carried away by some leaders who were fighting the second in command. He asked them not to support them at all.

Attached is a video link of Linturi speaking: