Meet Janet Magufuli, Widow to the Late John Magufuli


Janet Magufuli is a widow and former first lady of the republic of Tanzania. She is also a mother but a woman highly focused and who has a lot of passion for children for she is a teacher. It's clear everybody is aware she recently lost her husband due to heart related complications .

Janet Magufuli has however kept a low profile after the death of her husband with her main focus being to ensure her family remains united. Remember she is now the mother and father in her family according to the Tanzanian traditions for she us now the head.

Janet Magufuli focus is to ensure she also helps the poor and the vulnerable in the community where Magufuli came from that's the only way her late husband will be remembered. Her focus is to ensure she helps those around her community as well see her family remain united.

Janet Magufuli as well respects everybody irrespective their social status in the society. After the death of her husband she has focused more to ensure the legacy of her husband can remain where he came from as well at the national level. She is determined also to ensure that she supports the current leadership of Samia Suluhu so that she can as well achieve her goals as president and complete the legacy of her late husband.