Remember Apostle Pius Muiru? This Is What Happened To Him


The sudden fall of Apostle Pius Muiru from magnificence remains a puzzle to many Kenyans up to date.

The reputable man of God who is still administering under his Maximum Miracle Center church had a very huge following back in the days. Everyone would tune in to KBC TV just to watch him preach and perform miracles.

Things fell apart after he failed on his presidential bid in 2007. He claimed that God had appointed and anointed him to be the fourth president of Kenya. A large number of his followers abandoned from then.

Another misfortune befallen him in 2017 after his mother was abducted and murdered in what police reffed to as homicide. Her body was discovered buried in a shallow grave few meters from her Kigumo home.

The gifted pastor is currently seen administering on his Nuru TV still under his standard of 'kuna nuru gizani'. He still has a good following but not as compared to when he was glowing and serving as the whole country's man of God.

Kenyans still sympathise with him for the misfortunes that befallen him hopping that one day he will return to the glory he had.

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