Many people believe that date rush is a scam


Date Rush has given social media a buzz or something to talk about every week since the Ignatius and Freelove incident on the show. Already when watching Date rush don't sense that the program is a scam?

Yesterday a fine gentleman by name Raymond came on the show and swept of the feet of the ladies with his looks and fashion sense. The idea is to find love and dates on live TV after running through certain protocols for single guys and ladies.

Every week after the Ignatius and Freelove case, Date Rush gave social media a boost or something to speak about.Yesterday, with his looks and dress sense, a fine guy named Raymond arrived at the show and swept the ladies off their feets.

Raymond had a date on the programme, but now, someone who knows him says he is in two relationships.Also another screenshot posted with the same account name had a conversation about the same Raymond.

And even Raymond is a choirister at the Church of Pentecost English Assembly Darkoman Area.

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