54yr-Old Mother Helps Her Daughter Get Pregnant Because She Was Born Without A Womb

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A 54-year-old woman, named as Maree Anold, is said to have assisted her 27-year-old daughter Meagan in becoming pregnant through surrogate mother. In an interview, she disclosed that her daughter Meagan White was born prematurely because of the disease MRKH, and that her mother assisted her in carrying the child to term.

As disclosed by the pair, Meagan was concerned about how she would be able to carry her kid after the child of a woman who was acting as surrogate for her died after 21 weeks of pregnancy, and she began wondering about how she could be able to have a child of her own.

Even though Meagan's mother had already gone through menopause by the time the question of a surrogate arose, she was given medicines to thicken her uterine lining and also to reverse the menopause in order to prepare her for pregnancy.

When Meagan's mother, Maree, did some research, she learned that she could assist her in carrying her baby, which she did, and on February 13, she gave birth to a baby boy, which they stated was a dream come true for them.

During their first meeting with their child, whom their grandma had given birth to through surrogate, they expressed their delight and said that the infant was a love at first sight for the couple.


A large number of people have expressed their disbelief and inquired as to how it is conceivable for a woman who has passed menopause to become pregnant again.

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