"He Shouldn't Have Started For Us" Chelsea Fans React To Star Player Performance In Today's Match


The Premier League campaign continue today as Chelsea faced West Brom at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea who are in 4th positions before today match still have some numbers of players who are still recovering from injury as Kante was ruled out due to hamstring on international duty and Hudson-Odoi picking up a shoulder problem.

Today match was not a good one for the club as blues lose to West Brom with 5-2.

During First half, Thiago Silva was sent out which gives West Brom the opportunity whereby some Chelsea fans are annoyed with the performance of Jorginho, Alonso and Werner on the field.

See reactions of fans towards Werner.

-Not excusing Werner at all, but it’s so frustrating to see him making the same rlly good run in behind and never get picked out. Our players are either too scared or too limited to pull it off

- Werner makes all the runs in the pitch but they give him nothing.

- Havertz on for Werner plsss

- Timo Werner is not working out. Get Giroud or Havertz

- since the match started, Timo werner has been running aimlessly on the pitch. Like he take run from London to nepa.

I don’t understand how Timo Werner stayed on but Pulisic was subbed off. But Werner hasn’t been running free today nor has he really done anything aside from getting fouled in the box & not being rewarded for it.

- I don’t see how we will get goals with 10 men and with Werner and Mount as only attacking options.

- Yall watching the same game I'm watching? Lmao. Alonso the most dangerous player on this pitch for Chelsea

- Tuchel errored by wasting a sub bringing a defender on when we already had alonso, James, Zouma and Dave on the pitch already. Our best way to have won this match was controlling the game and attacking even with 1 less player.

Werner is young?? He's 3 years older than Pulisic. And Germany finished last in their group with Werner up top scoring ZERO goals. So saying "he clearly is good" is ridiculous. He's not even on Pulisic's level and that obviously makes you ma.

werner a the worst baller ever inna top flight.

- Let be sincere, Werner is not in today game, Giround need to come in.

- What is werner doing in the field...or is it a fixed match,, save the fans this suspence.

- This Werner is yet to get him self, please why did Tuchel start him.

- Bring in Giroud or Havertz for Werner, he's so useless.

- I will never forgive Chelsea for buying Timo Werner

- poor performance in particular from jorginho and alonso.

- Please never start Werner in our next game, he need to be bench and learn.

- Might be the most useless player I've ever seen. I'd take Ross Barkley up top over Werner 10/10 times

- What u have learnt so far, Jorginho and Alonso need to do more training, Werner need to be drop and Harvertz need to play.

- Werner is just vibing in this Chelsea team. Without Thiago Silva on the pitch they’re now playing with 9 men.

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