Pictures: The Sad Truth About World most Beautiful Kid Ever


Jare is a girl who live with her parent and siblings in Nigeria who was photographed by a Nigerian Lady. The photographer shared the picture on instagram describing the five years kid as an angel. Jare is very beautiful kid we have ever encounter in this world. She has a different amazing and astonished eye on our planet earth. Jare has a natural innocent look. She is the most gorgeous little kid ever.

She won the 2018 World Most Beautiful Girl in Europe. Jare was the first dark skin girl to have won the contest. Many media in this world talked about Jare including BBC, The Sun, Daily Mail UK, Yahoo, CNN and many more.The Sad news is that after Jare won the Contest we thought she will enjoy every thing in this contest by travelling out of the country to europe to have many contract. According to our research Jare is still in Nigeria and she has not even had one contract for herself.

Comparing to Anastasia Knyazeva who won and reap all the beautiful benefit of being the most beautiful girl in the world just like her predecessor, so is pretty shocking to find out that our beautiful jare is still in the country having a local giggs in Nigeria.

Find her photos below: