Another victim shot dead by cultists


So many of us have in one time or the other succumbed to the entanglement of cultist, either by saying a few words that we thought should be a common slang yet ended up being a trigger for provocation from these individuals

Three people were on Thursday shot dead in Port Harcourt during a conflict by rival cult group. 

This comes as security offices were working to diminish comparable conflicts which have asserted many lives in Dema, Andoni nearby government region and different networks in Khana neighborhood government region. 

Sources say the three casualties were shot dead at Sangana Street, Mile 1 Diobu. 

They said the attack of the area by the opponent gang looking for rival cult individuals went on for more than 45 minutes. 

It was said that the gathered dead bodies of the victims were carried away by police officials from the Mile 1 police district. 

I believe that the public authority and security specialists are putting forth a valiant effort to control the expanding hazard that is being propagated by cultists in the country.