BIG STORY: Agyin Asare says COVID-19 Vaccines are answer to our prayers and not 'mark of the beast'

Ghana received its Covid- 19 vaccines on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. Most Ghanaians are of the view that, these vaccines should be taken from the top hierarchy in decending order.

Cleary, most Ghanaians don't believe the WHO, as coming to use the citizens of Ghana for experiment. The producers of the vaccines are not sufficiently convinced about the accuracy of the vaccine, so, they're coming to try on us.

There's the possibility that Ghanaians who would be vaccinated could suffer serious side effects- complications which could lead to hormonal imbalance, genetic complication, paralysis, barreness, hallucination, blindness and even madness among others.

Again, why Ghana is the first country to receive this free vaccine from the COVAX Facility? These are some of the rumours circulating about the arrival of Covid- 19 vaccines in Ghana.

However, discrediting the religious myths and rumours surrounding the vaccines, the founder of Perez Chapel International told Ghanaians that the vaccines are God's answer to the year- long praying and fasting of Christians for divine intervention.

He also urged his church members to take the shot. This is not the first time Ghana is using vaccines, especially the Six Killer Disease in which children were vaccinated.

My question is, after some days of the vaccinations are you not convinced to take the shots?