Check how ladies reacted after hearing that DNA tests will be conducted freely in public hospitals

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This came as a shock to many ladies but good news to men. Most of the ladies think the government wants to expose them.

The government has announced that DNA tests will be conducted freely at public hospitals and clinics starting from June 2022. Come June many men will be knowing the truth about their children.

This is a good thing but it can cause Gender Base violence since, if ever there was a secret hidden by a woman it will be exposed and the man can get angry at the lady for making him a fool all along in front of his eyes. Government must find the best solution to this to avoid violence, they must also provide proper counseling if possible.

Many ladies find this unfair and insulting to them since the government wants to prove their words. They think the government should be focusing on other important things, not this one. Ladies see this as a waste of government resources and time, they should be focusing on the high unemployment rate.

Why do ladies fight this thing? Do you think they have something to hide?


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