After this was revealed, it was good news for all drivers.

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After this was revealed, it was good news for all drivers.

The main equipment for creating driver's permits has been repaired and is now producing cards.

Fikile Mbalula's Twitter account

The main machine in South Africa that prints driver's license cards, which had been broken since November 7 last year, has finally been repaired and is working again.

The 20-year-old equipment broke down in November, resulting in a backlog of permit recharge requests.

On Wednesday, transport service Fikile Mbalula stated that the machine had been repaired and was operational.

"SA, good morning. I recently paid a visit to the DLCA's (Driver's License Card Agency) workers and spent the evening with them. The card authorization machine has been repaired and is now operational. The staff is continually working to ensure that your licenses are created and delivered "On Wednesday morning, Mbalula sent out a tweet.

He also included the following video with his post:

Those whose licenses were revoked due to the pandemic lockdown and whose cards expired after March 26, 2020, have been granted an extension by Mbalula, with a deadline of the end of March this year to have them recharged.

The accumulation is estimated to affect over 1,000,000 people, according to common society organizations.

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