Between Sithelo and Tamia Who Was Looking Beautiful?

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The comparison between a filepisane current girls friend and his ex girlfriend never seems to be ending. It seems like there are people who are still holding a grudge on andile current wife that she took him away from his ex girl friend sithelo. In everything that the current wide to, peole always compare her to how sithelo used to do it. All over social media peole are always having contradicting opinion about this two girls more especially when it comes to who is more beautiful.

Since Durban July is here, they posted their photos wearing similar outfits that they wore on Durban July, the dresses that they were wearing are not really the same they are just similar to each other. Following that, Musa khawula caused a massive debate on Twitter after he asked who looks more beautiful on the dress. Many people had different opinions about who is looking too good, see their photos below:

It’s unfortunate that some peole ended up catching feelings and using rude words throughout the debate. Some even said Musa is a trouble maker because he always post things that cause tension among celebrities and ther fans. see the comment from social media below:

In my opinion, both this girls are looking amazing, it’s just that most of their followers don’t like each other that is why they alway criticize each other. They are both beautiful and looks so amazing. Tell us about your view, who do you thing looks more beautiful in this dress between this two? Comment below.

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