Check interesting story of how Man came into being according to Yoruba Empire.

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There was different empire with their own views, belief, of how Man came into being.

Many will get this article so bizarre. Because we are religiously rooted for now. But, can you believe a faith like this practiced before?

Do you really want to Know how Man came into being according to Yoruba Empire? If yes. Then you are on the right place.

Centuries ago. The Yorubas believed that Olodumare as high God. Who's assigned errand to his 16 lesser gods beneath control of Orunmila to make the world.

But unfortunate damnation for Orunmila, he gulped too much palm wine, which resulted him into deep and long sleep.

One of the lesser god in the mission whose name was Oduduwa took over the control. He took the Calabash of sand, the palm fruits, and the cock from Orunmila and descended down by chain to the ocean.

There he poured sand on the water and set the cock upon it. The cock scattered the sand accross the face of ocean by scratching it .Land appear wherever the sand reached. Then Oduduwa planted the palm fruits which to be the first plant on Earth. While the cock has become the first Animal and Oduduwa himself the first man.

This incidence took place at the Town called: "Ile - Ife" which called: "Ife" today.

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