Unusual: Meet The 22 Year Old Woman Trapped In The Body Of An 8 Year Old Girl

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Appearences are often not what they seem. Here is an adage that perfectly defines the life of a young woman from the United States. From her real name Shauna Rae, the American, from the height of her 22 years, literally lives trapped in the body of an eight year old girl. A physical condition that impacts her daily life as well as the exchanges she has with certain people. Despite her young age, Shauna Rae's life has not been easy. Indeed, when she was barely six months old, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. In order to treat her, she was therefore subjected to a chemotherapy treatment, certainly harsh, but which nevertheless saved her life. However, after overcoming this serious illness , a whole different ordeal awaited Shauna. It turned out that the treatment damaged the baby's pituitary gland, causing it to stop growing . What did not fail to astonish the doctors, who until now could not elucidate the mystery around this anomaly.

"Although there is no conclusive evidence that chemotherapy can be the cause of Shauna's severely deformed pituitary gland, cancer treatment has been known to occasionally cause endocrine problems in patients," the doctors explained to the family. Therefore, for several years, the young woman does not grow any more and thus lives trapped in the body of an eight year old girl. "If you looked at me, you would think I was a normal kid doing normal things with my family," says the young woman, whose story will be the subject of a new documentary series called "I am Shauna Rae". "But the truth is, I'm not a girl. I am a woman, a 22 year old woman trapped in the body of an 8 year old girl. Even though I can't physically grow, I desperately want to be treated like an adult," she adds.

And it must be said that for Shauna, this aspiration is an almost impossible mission. Due to her appearance as a little girl, she finds it difficult to be accepted as an adult. This makes life very difficult for her. It is then without surprise that she sees the eyes turn away when she enters a place for adults like a bar for example. "Things like drinking at a bar, getting a tattoo or going on a date are more taxing than the average person can imagine," she said. Thus, in the documentary, the young woman trapped in the body of an eight year old girl presents her daily struggles. She recounts her attempt to live as an adult, despite her resemblance to a child. A cause close to her heart because of her perpetual struggle to become independent.

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