I Was in Love With Sabina Chege, Caroline Mutoko - Comedian Olematope

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Photo: Caroline Mutoko

Former Vitimbi actor Ngoni Thuita also known as Olematope has confessed he used to have a thing for strong popular figures Sabina Chege and Caroline Mutoko.

The comedian who has risen to fame over the years said back when he was still knew in the industry, his heart would skip a beat whenever he looked at the two ladies.

However, he was still and shy and anytime he tried to muster the courage to open up about his feelings, he would get tongue tied.

Photo: Olematope

The entertainer really found it hard to even approach the two and chose to admire and love them from a distance.

Olematope claimed he fell for the Woman Rep back when she used to star in a Kikuyu show called Therera and her husky voice would make his heart sing tones never heard by man before.

"I used to look at Caroline Mutoko and Wanjiru Chege and my heart crushed for them. This was when Sabina used to host a Kikuyu show dubbed Therera (flow) I was attracted to her husky voice," he said in a YouTube video.

Photo: Caroline Mutoko

At the same time, the comedian still wanted to fill the void in his heart with a cup full of Caroline but some things barred him from making the first move.

To him, he was not worth the salt because he did not own a car and was still too broke to have a lady who was too sophisticated and loaded.

“I did not have a car and I did not own any classy clothes,” he added.

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