"Unconditional Love" Charity Ngilu Breaks Silence After Vihiga Rally Delivers Good News To Azimio

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The struggle for supremacy is still sweeping the nation, and leaders are already gathering their forces in an effort to forge a unified front in front of the general elections in 2022. Kenyans are eagerly waiting to see what will happen once Deputy President William Ruto and his running mate Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua win or lose the upcoming elections. With elections quickly approaching, tension is building across the country, and Kenyans are eagerly waiting to see what will happen.

We, along with the Honorable Raila Odinga, attacked the backyard of Musalia Mudavadi today, and a large number of people showed up. Kenyans are eagerly waiting to see if those votes will fall in the basket of the Azimo La Umoja Team despite the passage of time and the escalating political heat.

Charity Ngilu responded to the welcome, and in her response, she mentioned that this is Mbale, which is the hometown of @MusaliaMudavadi. Residents were reminded by Baba @RailaOdinga that they do not need conditions in order to be a part of government because the Mulembe nation is already a partner and stakeholder in the forthcoming Azimio la Umoja Government regardless of whether or not requirements are met. Charity Ngilu, who is ecstatic

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