View photos of a man born without a jaw.(PICTURES)

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Joseph Williams, 41, was born with the otofacial facial condition.

Because he was born without a jaw, he communicates using sign language and notes. Welder married his wife Vania, 39, in 2020 and plans to work as a DJ.

After being born with half of his face missing, a guy who has been subjected to terrible bullying throughout his life has stated that he no longer lets his affliction hold him back and has married after rebuilding his self-esteem.

Joseph Williams, 41, of Chicago, was born with otofacial facial syndrome, a very unusual ailment that left him without a jaw.

People have shied away from the welder out of fear, but he hasn't let his handicap hold him back in life.

'Being born without a jaw came as a shock to my birth mother,' Joseph added. He eats by sending mixed food into his stomach through a tube. This are the images of him.

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