'Drama in Embu as Man is Rescued by Police From an Irate Mob After Sodomizing a 40-Year-Old Man


Case of sodomy in the last 24 hours have been reported to be at least two. This is after a police officer attached to Langas Police Station, sodomized a young University Student who he had arrested for not wearing a mask.

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The officer has since been arrested and is in police custody, pending further investigation. Another incident comes from the County of Embu in the Sub-County of Runyenjes where a 35-year-old man sodomized a man of 40 years who is a mental health patient.

The man, identified as Martin Ngugi, sodomized Jeremiah Kariuki two days ago. An angry mob descended on Martin Ngugi but police were quick to the scene and they were able to rescue him from the angry residents.

He is currently being held at Runyenjes Police Station as an investigation has started into the matter. The victim, Jeremiah Kariuki, was taken to Runyenjes General Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

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