Are South Africans Losing The Fight Against Foreigners? (Opinion)

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Are South Africans Losing The Fight Against Foreigners? 

The past few days have seen growth concerning the movements against illegal immigrants such as Operation Dudula and #PutSouthAfricanFirst. While the fight is still on, it seems South Africa could be losing the fight against foreigners after two prominent voices spoke out on the issue. 

The Minister of Labour finally spoke out on the issue of foreigners getting employed over South Africans. According to the Minister, there is no law or document stating the quotas that employers should have between foreign nationals and South Africans. Employers could therefore employ any one they want for any kind of job. The minister stated that it is only now that the quotas would be drafted by Nedlac. According to the statements made by the Minister, chances are quotas will exist and foreign nationals will continue to be employed while South Africans want 100% employment. 

@Bonglez "Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi says we need quotas on foreign workers. What happened to South Africa belonging to all who live in it? If here legally should they not have all the protections the constitution guarantees? Why allow them to come here and live in penury? #702Breakfast"

When Ramaphosa was asked if South Africans were xenophobic, he said no we are not. Because we accommodate students and other foreign nationals that work in South Africa. Indeed we are not xenophobic, we only want the best for South African citizens. However, this statement only opens the doors for more foreigners to come, especially considering that it came from the President. 

While leaders such as Gayton Mckenzie are still on it, the Nedlac document that is going to be drafted will probably put an end to the #PutSouthAfricansFirst movement and here we would have lost the fight.

Do you think South Africans will lose or win this fight? Share your thoughts down below. 


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