Remember the BABY who lost her hands due to MENINGITIS? See her now as she becomes a TV PRESENTER

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A quite emotional photos emerged of a young TV presenter who lost her hands when she was a baby due to meningitis. We all probably could remember the baby who lost her hands due to meningitis. Meet 14 years old Tilly Lockey, as she now becomes a TV presenter, after having to use bionic arms because of the sickness she suffered when she was a baby, and made her to lose her hands.

Meningitis, which is an infection of the protective membranes that surrounds the brain and spinal cord mainly affects young children, and Tilly Lockey was unfortunate to have had the sickness.The teenager who is now a TV presenter landed a job for "FYI" (For your information) on Sky, a new show for youngsters, featuring celebrities, and politicians. Tilly Lockey who lost her hands when she was 15 months old to meningitis, saw her go through many challenges as she now becomes a TV presenter, and an inspiration to many.

Tilly Lockey who has won many awards for how she deals with her disability right from birth, noted that she intends to motivate people, noting that nothing is impossible, as she is set to be on TV, as a presenter. The teenager however who looks happy, and joyous noted how delighted she has, as she didn't give up, no matter her circumstances. Check out photos of how she looks like now.


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