Activist Harrison Gwamnishu reveals how a pastor lost 8 million Naira in a Ponzi scheme

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Rights Activist, Harrison Gwamnishu revealed how a pastor reportedly lost 8 million Naira meant for church building in a Ponzi scheme.

He announced this on his Facebook page, saying, "A Pastor persuaded two account signatories of the church and withdrew 8 million Naira." Because the Chief Executive Officer is a Pastor, he invested the monies in RABBI capital investment. The pastor persuaded over a hundred members to invest and receive a 100 percent return in four months.

He said that the funds had been raised by church members for a building construction project. Now, all of the monies have been spent with no return on investment.

The post elicited a lot of mixed reactions. Here are a few:

According to Stanley Worgu, when Christians and Pastors took over the infamous 'MMM gospel,' it had the greatest multiplier effect. He went on to say, "Most pastors don't realize how much their congregations love and trust them, and in that case, you have to be absolutely certain of what you're saying." He concluded by saying that pastors should focus on the gospel and keep business and politics out of God's house.

This, according to Andy Itohowo, is why he advises people not to mix business and the word of God.

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