7 Unique Things in Iceland You Wish You Could See Them for Yourself


In the world Iceland is the safest place to live in. The country has a population of 356,991 Icelanders. The crime rate in this particular country is extremely low. Iceland is unique because of the many different things it has.

Icelanders developed an app which can tell if you are related to person you are seeing.

Iceland has a very small population, thus immigration is very minimal. Icelanders have many distant cousins whom they are unaware of. In order for them to avoid dating their own cousins, they came up with an app that gets their database from The Book of Icelanders. This app allows them to find about their related background.

Traffic lights have red hearts instead of red circles.

Many traffic lights worldwide are in red circles apart from Iceland which has heart shaped traffic lights. This was put in place in order to lift her peoples spirits. The town of Akureyri removed round traffic lights and replaced them with heart shaped ones.

Parents often leave their babies to nap outside in the cold.

Icelanders leave their babies outside during afternoon nap time, even if there is freezing temperatures. This is done because they normally believe sleeping in cold temperatures, boosts the system of the child.

It does not get dark at night from May 21 until July 30

In Northern Iceland and Westfjords the sun is always visible for 24 hours during the summer solstice. In the capital city of Iceland which is Reykjavík, the sun sets for few hours, but there is no dark sky. So, in the middle of the night one can even read a book from outside.

Icelanders built heated water pipes under the sidewalks so in winter they never have to shovel.

Iceland installed heated water pipes, thus the country has snow free sidewalks. These free sidewalks made walking easier, save money on snow plowing, helps in street renovations and also prevent accidents.

There are no mosquitoes

On a single winter day the Icelanders experience 4 seasons, causing the temperature to rise and fall rapidly. In Iceland there are more than 1,300 types of insects. Although the temperature changes causing the mosquitoes to have a hard time for survival.

Fermented shark is an Icelandic delicacy.

In Iceland there is a traditional dish which is fermented fish called Hakarl. This dish helps the lcelanders to maintain their roots and ancestry. This dish is very poisonous when eaten raw because it contains the Greendale shark inside it. Icelanders make the dish safe for eating. They cure the meat by a fermentation process which takes for about 4 to 5 months to dry.

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