Zimbabweans left in disbelief as their President joins a new party. (See More)

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People of Zimbabwe shouldn't fear this. This is the old trick of Zanu-pf, they have been doing this each time when they are choices, but a numerous people presently know. As we understand that inhabitant coliation for change has the work supply in the city.

CCC has such innumerable people in metropolitan areas. People in the Urban districts they are through virtual amusement stages. As I am forming this news they will find out about it and this care have been raised on Facebook. So they are presently aware of what Zanu-pf was endeavoring to do.

They are essentially taking the necessary steps not to rule for president Chamisa in numbers. Without a doubt this party will get roughly two or three votes that they could endeavor to get together with those of Zanu-pf, that is how they rig the votes, but it will not be even half of what CCC will gain.

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