Do You Know What Those LE, XLE, SE, XSE Acromyms You See On Toyota Cars Mean And Signify? Find Out!

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Have you ever wondered what those acronyms such as LE, XLE, SE, XSE, SR, etc at the back of Toyota cars mean? That's the purpose of this article: to educate you on the meaning and significance of these acronyms on Toyota cars. 

Most Toyota vehicles offer multiple trim levels of different models in other to give car buyers a variety of options. That is to say that the car producers manufacture different trim of cars for different individual taste. These trim levels comes with different specifications and more improvements as they advance.

Many people do not know the significance of these trim levels, hence, they end up with the wrong choices of car due to ignorance of these details. 

Funny as it may sound, many don't even know such acronyms exist while many don't pay attention to it. 

If you must end up with the Toyota car of your dream with no regrets whatsoever, here is what you need to know about those acronyms you see on Toyota vehicles

CE- Classic Edition

This trim has the least features and lowest level of equipments ranging from steel wheel with plastic wheel covers to very minimal layout and small engine. It is the base model of the Toyota Camry. 

L- Entry-level grade

As the name implies, this is the lowest grade with most basic features

LE- Luxury Edition

This is the middle range level which consists of all standard features with few extra features which may be present or absent. Such extra features includes alloy wheel, auto or manual AC, cloth upholstery, etc. It contains more luxury as compared to L. 

XLE- Executive Luxury Edition

This trim is the most expensive trim level of Camry. It also contains all standard equipments and offer more luxury than the LE. This may include being smaller with broader features 

S- Sports

The sport models of Toyota includes 

SE- Sport Edition

SLE- Sport Luxury Edition

SR- Sport Rally

SR5- Sport Rally 5-Speed

XLS- Executive Luxury Sports

The SR and SR5 trims are mostly found in Tacoma model.

All the trims of this model varies. While some have sporty interiors, others have sporty performance specifications and most trims have both qualities

SE- Sport Edition

This trim has quicker and more aggressive gear changes, a stiffer suspension and more responsive handling, sporty seats, lowered ride height and sporty body claddings

XSE- Extreme Sports Edition. It combines the sporty performance of the SE with the premium features of the XLE.

Other trim levels includes;

DX- Deluxe

VE- Value Edition 

XL- Executive Luxury

XR- Extreme Rally

After learning about the significance of these different acronyms,, hope you'll be able to buy the right trims without any mix up. 

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