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There's a certain stereotype when it comes to famous couples.  Essentially, it's that their relationships don't last very long.  Well there are those who changed the game and most people look up to them.  They stay together for a lifetime, raise children and grow old together, which is incredibly inspirational.

One celebrity who keeps reassuring peeps that romance in celebville is not dead, is Gail Mabalane.  Taking to her Twitter page, the actress posted a picture of herself with her hubby and captioned the picture:”Marriage = No perfect people allowed.”

Her followers where quick to comment on the post. One Tweep said:”Amen. Two people who are committed to make it perfect for themselves with their imperfections.”  Another Tweep said:”God keep blessing your union, marriage is an everyday work in progress, and at times will test you, but people who forgive and love one another will always make it work,  strong to you guys.”

Kabelo Mabalane and Gail Mabalane have been married for eight years now and they they constantly show each other appreciation on social media.  These two are indeed couple goals.

What is your take on the matter?

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Screenshot of comments and picture Credit: Twitter 

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