21 Weather Warnings for tomorrow, Here's where they will hit and what they are.

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The Saws (South African Weather Service) has issued multiple weather warnings for tomorrow 2/12/21. All the weather warnings are listed below (a total of 21), along with the areas they will affect and how long these areas will be affected for. If you are in one of these areas, that please prepare accordingly, as well as use the tips I have listed below. Share this article to help as many people find this information as possible.

As we can see, all these weather warnings are for sever thunderstorms. So you need to prepare specifically for rain, as well as some possible hail and lighting. Start by first making sure that your home is storm proof.

For your home to be storm proof, there has to be no way for water to enter it or for it to flood. Many houses in townships and informal settlements are susceptible to this because of their poor construction. So find a way to direct water away from your home and cover up any leaks in your room. Also cover up any holes in the side of your home as it could let in wind and create a very unpleasant living environment.

Also make sure that your family is safe by staying at home during any stormy weather. If you are going out than show extreme caution, especially on when driving on the roads, as roads can become very dangerous. Also have quick and easy meals prepared, as well as load shedding lights as there is a chance that bad weather can cause power cuts.

Stay safe and always prepare for bad weather, as you never know how severe it may be. If you have any of your own tips, share them in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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