Remember The Hausa Actress Who Was Suspended Over Indecent Dressing? Check Out How She's Doing Now


Rahama Sadau is an actress who started acting in the year 2013 and that made her to become a famous actress. Due to her beauty, everyone was requesting for her in the industry and also in movies.

Rahama Sadau is a Hausa actress who believes that she's following the dressing trends in a way whereby she would put on clothes that doesn't covers her body but this is against the Muslim ladies belief. It is well known that the belief of the Muslim ladies is that their body parts should not be opened.

Because of this, the Kannywood industry has decided to suspend her, even though she created a short video where she was pleading to her fans and the industry to forgive her, but still, the industry got her suspended.

Now, she has now been dressing beautifully with her body now covered. So we decided to check out some recent photos of her.