One Person Two Photos: Different Version Of Adwoa Sarfo Captured In Parliamentary Sitting Today?

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This post is an eye test for those who really want to know the facts and the truth behind the alleged impersonation of MP for DOME/KWABENYA Constituency, Sarah Adwoa Sarfo in yesterday's budget approval in parliament.

After the approval of the 2022 budget, some members of Parliament have alleged that the majority side didn't have the required numbers to form a quorum, as one member of parliament was absent, and was impersonated by another person, a claim which is yet to be proved with hard fact and evidence, aside a picture of her in a nose mask, making it difficult to tell exactly who.

Today, she has been spotted in parliament again, and this time, without a nose mask, in a subtle way to prove that she wasn't impersonated but it was the real person in parliament yesterday.

Well for us, we can only go no further than ask the questions, was she really impersonated? Did no one notice her impersonation until after the business for the day had been done? Was it even possible for such an act to be carried out in parliament? and many more questions.

Below are the two pictures of Adwoa Sarfo for both yesterday and today.

1st December 2021.

The parliamentary sittings of Parliament which was streamed live captured her in the chamber.

(Picture of Adwoa Sarfo taken yesterday while in parliament.)

What does your telescopic eyes tell you? Same person or different person. Let's us know in the comment session below.

Stay tuned for more.

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