I have to depend on my ex boyfriend for money because my current one is not a giver - A lady reveals

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Relationships need money as their catalyst, and things do not normally work well for a man who does not have much to take care of his partner.

Women can make enough money to take care of their needs, but they also love it when a man steps up to meet them half way financially. I feel bad for a man who is in love but does not have enough money to establish himself while trying to impress his partner financially.

There are men who have enough money, but they do not believe in giving because they think love is enough to keep two people together.

There is a lady who confessed that her current boyfriend is not a giver, but because she needs money, she is forced to run back to the man she used to see for financial assistance. The lady says her ex-partner is actually the father of her child and he is always helping her financially.

She says there was a day when she was not feeling well, and she told her boyfriend about it, but the guy told her that he was sorry. When she told the father of her child, it took him about 5 minutes to send R1200 so that she could see the doctor.

She went on and revealed that she once paid a visit to this boyfriend of hers, but the guy did not even give her a mere R10 to return home. She found herself begging people by the bus station for donations so that she could have enough money to return home.

The saddest thing is that her boyfriend does not want to see her receive gifts or money from the father of her child, even though he does not give. The lady does not have a job, and every time she gets money, her boyfriend will ask where she got it from.

I do not support women when they demand money from their partners, but if a lady does not have a job, her partner should find it in him to support her where she can. I do not think the guy cares about this lady. There is no way that you would not give someone money to commute back home, knowing very well that she does not have a job, and yet she found a way to get to you.

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