Beautiful Pictures Of Mary Daniel, The Amputee Woman Who Hawked Pure Water Before She Found Grace


Weeks ago, I believe Mary Daniels was hawking pure water, table water on the street of Lagos trying everything in her own possible way to survive despite the condition and the harsh reality of life until God says it enough and her life dramatically changed between days.

Mary Daniels was a struggling mother who lost her leg in an accident and was even betrayed by the man she believed loved her as he ran away with the Money that was initially donated for her. Despite her conditions, Mary knowing fully well that she has to survive for herself and daughter took to the street to hawk pure water and going around with clutches.

Before Mary became popular;

Fortunately, she was seen by people who took interest in her and uploaded her on social media, and she immediately became famous and sensation of the moment.Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah also helped her out with sum of money as she was seen sitting down with famous people to dine on the table, and also the Lagos State Government took over her case and all in all, Mary Daniels became a Millionaire overnight, and thanks to God and Nigerians, she can finally hustle without hawking pure water on the street with her one leg.

Today, Mary Daniels celebrated her birthday and beautiful pictures of this lady stormed the Internet and Nigerians went wild, as they really love what they are seeing, and is very happy for Mary Daniels as God has really blessed her.

See Pictures from her birthday which shows that with money everyone can look really beautiful, and everyone can found unexpected grace.

What God can't really do, does not exist and he would continue to do his miracle in this world for everyone to see his power.

Money is really good, and with just a touch of money and other expensive things, look at how Mary Daniels transformed into a beautiful woman.

Are you still doubting that God can do what you want in just a seconds? Are you still doubting God's power?