How to make more money without struggling in life.


If you want to make more money, you don't only have to work hard; you need to work smart as well. Your hardwork has to pay if you use your brain for its intended purpose. Some people actually think if you possess physical strength, you can make money anyway. Making money doesn't depend on body mass, age. Wisdom is what it takes.

If you want to make money, think of residual income. Residual income is the money you earn when you're not working. That's what some people crudely refer to as "Let your money work for you." One way of earning residual income is by supplying water to the neighbourhood.

Digging a well, mounting a polytank and buying a pump requires initial capital. Every day, people needs water so you will be in endless business. The only cost you will think about is the electricity bill. That's residual income for you. You will continue to enjoy the proceeds from a one time investment for years. However, this business is for business minded people only as the income comes but slowly. Patience is needed here.

Another way of making money without struggling is through renting a space, room or stores. Do you pay tax on the rooms you built? Absolutely no! But you will be receiving income for giving a room or your store out. Land ladies and landlords always enjoy income for the room they've built decades ago.

You can earn money through YouTube. You will upload contents on YouTube and monetize them. But this one requires initial 'struggling' as there is a great competition out there. You will need expertise, creating great content and others to get subscribers. But as your subscribers keep multiplying, you will make lots of income without struggling.

But in the actual fact, life is a struggle! What someone achieved without struggling, another will take ages to accomplish it. There's no get rich quick method of making money. Your ability to make money easily depends on how you use your brain.


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