"Avoiding Campaign Posters?" Flowers Being Planted On The Express Way Pillars Attracting Reactions

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One of the major projects that our country Kenya has as from last year is the Express way whose mission is to eliminate any kind of jam in Nairobi county and also making the city a modernized one.

The express way which is quickly being worked on to be in service in this current year always has large grounded pillars in every part of the city that it has passed. Through a photo that was posted in a renown facebook page known as Ma3Route, some people were seen installing flower pockets in the pillars ready to plant flowers along.

The idea to make the pillars green is said to be an idea raised by someone on these streets. However many netizens upon seeing this reacted saying that maybe they are planting flowers inorder to avoid campaign posters on the pillars which will destroy the image of the express way. Others said that hope kenyans will not steal the flowers after they get planted. Below are some of the reactions:(Photo| courtesy)(Source screenshot)

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