The Natural Beauty Of The Nzulezu Village


Close to the coast at the far western side of Ghana, close to the line with Cote d'Ivoire, is a town that is exceptional on the whole of Ghana. Nzulezu is a town that has been based on braces over a tidal pond. It is basically one long dock, called Main Street by local people, with structures developed on the two sides. One side of the 'road' are living quarters while the opposite side of the road has businesess, the school, a public venue and other business adventures. 

The town of Nzulezu is around a 7 hour drive west of Accra. A few group love it. A few group feel that the movement time does not merit the experience. In the event that you are remaining at one of the sea shores in the Western Region, like Busua or Axim, the visit to Nzulezu should handily be possible as a roadtrip. 

The legend of this town is that the ensuring soul of the town, a snail, headed out to lead individuals to this spot to build up a home. 

Today the town stays alive on fishing, cultivating on close by land, and the travel industry. There is likewise guesthouse at the town, however don't anticipate present day norms. 

The Nzulezu brace town isn't associated with power, yet there are a critical number of TV shafts connected to pretty much every home in the town. These are controlled via vehicle batteries. For wellspring of light in the night towns use light, streak light or battery-powered lights to move about. 

One of the features of a visit to Nzulezu is unquestionably the excursion to arrive. Nzulezo is one piece of the Amasuri Wetland, a ramsar site and the biggest inland bog timberland in Ghana. In the wake of driving the extent that the unpaved street will take into account the current conditions, there will be a short stroll to get to your kayak. A kayak ride of 45 minutes to an hour passes limited, rich channels, open fields, lastly the wide region of Amansuri Lake. The ride is protected and lifejackets are accessible. 

When visiting Nzulezu, you should set aside some effort to visit a couple of other nearby attractions. 

Ankasa Nature Reserve is a seldom visited park. This is a genuine rainforest climate with the most elevated precipitation of anyplace in Ghana. 

Post Apollonia is the westernmost Colonial-period fortress in Ghana. This is a simple visit since game plans for Nzulezu are made in Beyin, the sea shore town where Fort Apollonia is found.


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