Raila’s new strategy gives Ruto sleepless nights towards elections

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It has come to be known that Raila and three prominent cabinet secretaries have joined hands towards the coming election. The three cabinet secretaries include Dr. Matiangi, Mutahi Kagwe, and Wamalwa. According to them, Raila is the most suitable candidate to continue the legacy left behind by Uhuru. This is a huge blow to the deputy president who is also in the run to seek support from other leaders.

The support of Dr. Matiangi, Eugene, and Kagwe will come in handy due to their huge popularity ad their hard work. Matiangi is well known for his strong belief and commitment to work and would therefore lead to more votes. Also, Kagwe has in the recent past gained more popularity and people love him, he is an icon of hope to many people due to his strict measures that are continuing to be effective in curbing the covid-19 pandemic. This would attract many votes thus giving Raila an upper hand in the election.

Eugene is a popular politician and currently the cabinet secretary of defense, he was also a minister of devolution, minister of Justice, and for water and irrigation. He has knowledge about the political game and also has a big following. He has been in the government and therefore will help Raila in winning the election.  

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