2022 Political Outlook: Why Latest Move is a Win For Ruto and a Blow to Mudavadi

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The former Deputy Prime Minister is an influencial leader from the Western Part of Kenya.

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He may not be the most popular politician from the Region, but this does not necessarily mean that he is an ordinary politician.

Ruto's decision to join hands with Musalia Mudavadi was an artful political move that will enhance his popularity at the Western Region. That is to say that the move was a bait to capture voters from Mudavadi's political backyard.

Due to the above fact, the move was a win for DP Ruto.

On the other hand, by taking the path that was familiar in the political world, Musalia Mudavadi betrayed his OKA counterparts.

At the moment, the media had gone awash with narrations of political betrayals.

This came with it's own shortcomings.

Musalia lost his grip of the Western Region votes to DP Ruto.

In the world of politics, people play on their supporter's need to believe in order to emerge victorious.

In conclusion, his moves narrowed his changes of ever winning the race to State House in case of betrayal or change of plans to have him join the race as an independent candidate.

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