Buying your first musical instrument.

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As a parent of a child who gets their very first musical instrument, or as a beginner in the world of music, buying your first instrument can be trickier than it first appears.

Why then, one might ask. After all, it's simple; you walk into any music store, large retailer, or log into any musical instrument website, find the specific instrument you were thinking of buying and that's it!

Not so fast. Suppose you have decided to learn how to play the drums and are ready to buy your first drum kit. Should you buy a three-piece set or a five-piece set? A real set or a cheaper mimicry?

Do it all and buy the real expensive and cool? Obviously, you'll want to get a set that looks good on you and looks good on you and that's important. You need to be comfortable with and excited about your new instrument.

But another point to keep in mind when shopping for your new instrument, which is just as important if not crucial, is that the instrument should be as real and authentic as an instrument used by musicians. Seems too expensive and too expensive for a beginner or a child? Not necessarily.

Acquiring a beginner's instrument that most closely resembles the real one, rather than getting a fake instrument or toy, is probably the most important factor in being able to achieve your goals while playing music.

The reason is quite simple. Playing musical instruments is not just about the technicality of the beats and rhythm, which is certainly important, but also a lot of how you feel when playing your instrument.

Imagine a kid who is good at driving a small car or even a cart, would you give them the keys to your new (or even old!) Car or truck ?! Of course not! While they can be great in a small car, a real car is a whole different story. The same can be said with musical instruments.

Having a real instrument is the only way to really learn the ropes of the instrument and get the sound and experience you need to achieve your musical goals. If you are worried that the purchase of the real instrument will cost too much, don't worry.

There are many cheap and high quality real instruments that are very close to instruments used by professionals and will cost you a little more or even the same as toy instruments. Do some research, you won't regret it.

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