The love of money is the root of all evil, it ended in tears for Caiphus on Scandal

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Believe the Bible whether you want to believe it or not, but there's a lot of wisdom in that book, when it says the love of money is the root of all evil. When you see people killing each other, the main course is money. When you see people dragging each other, people arguing, having disputes, or stopping each other's toes, money is involved.

People are lying to each other, people cheating and sacrificing, all unnecessary things, mostly it is because of money. So the Bible was written in a wisdom way, when it is says, "the love of money is The Root of all evil.

Look how it ended for Caiphus, he thought that it will be six months, but it turned to be 15 years of imprisonment. He has lost his freedom, he has lost his family, probably the three million that they promised him, by the time he come out of the prison, it won't have value, so what was that for.

It ended in tears for Caiphus & Gloria. Caiphus sentenced to 15years in prison just because of the love of money.


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