Meet Radio Presenter Sorobi Moturi Erastus


Egesa Fm is the leading broadcasting Gusii radio station of our time. The vernacular media house rolls and trolls on the slogan "Enguba Ya Mwanyagetinge" meaning a Kisii community shield. The success is not without influential journalists. Royal Media Services Egesa Fm is home to the most talented Kisii journalist especially those fluent in Ekegusii.

Sorobi Moturi Erastus is one of the elite celebrities who command a huge fellowship. The vocal Radio host is particularly noticeable for his awakening voice. Even better, he owns a wealth of experience and sharp reputing skills.

The multitalented radio presenter is a respected journalist having interviewed many celebrities from the region including Governor James Ongwae of Kisii county. He started working at the Nation Group Madia in 2005 and left in 2006 to join the newly started Egesa Fm. For this reason, he is a founding presenter at Royal Media Services Egesa Fm.

He is famous for hosting the KANYEKA show on the influential Egesa Fm Radio. He also hosts ATATO NA SOROBI Erastus. He is also an emcee and a mentor to several listeners with straightforward life ideas and motivations that are part of his reputation.

He is everything, a passionate journalist can become in time. Most people cannot resist Sorobi Moturi Erastus' live programs and products on social media.

He has been working on the Kissi radio station for the past 15 years.

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