Beautiful Pictures of Aisha Ahmad Idris

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Aisha Ahmad idris is an actress of Kannywood film industry that is general known as Aishatul humaira. A famous that star that many people want to meet.

Aisha have been appearing on screen that led her to cut across many state In Nigeria as well as some Neighbouring countries. Aisha is type of women that people likes due to their characters and behavior of not humiliating people.

This professional actress have been making vital and great movies with different actors in Kannywood industry. Aishatul humaira got many awards and presents by different organization and also the Kannywood itself. She won best actress awards many times.

See more of her beautiful pictures below...

Aisha has more one million people that are following her on Instagram where she uploads beautiful and Amazing things.

Great actress that treat everyone with respect and value him. Queen of the Kannywood industry

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