Ex-Chiefs player has just Joined the LaLiga Giants

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Ex-Chiefs player has just Joined the LaLiga Giants

What an improvement on South African football as the former Kaizer Chiefs football club has just got the huge job in one of the best leagues in the World, this former Kaizer Chiefs football club is going to join the team that finished the LaLiga league on the 14th spot, but this will benefit many teams in South Africa because he will be sharing his experience.

Brian Baloyi is one of the players who was the best in Kaizer Chiefs football club in his time and now this will make us as South African football fans see our goalkeepers getting an opportunity to showcase their talent abroad because of Brian Baloyi, as he joined Espanyol in LaLiga, Baloyi spoke about his dream after he got this opportunity, here is what he said “I spoke about this whilst I was still playing. We had plans with Rainer Dinkelacker even before moving to Sundowns".

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