See reason why Hela is stronger than Thanos and considered the greatest villain in Marvel.

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 Thanos is always precieved as the greatest Villain of MCU.why wouldn't he be?it took a massive army of Superheroes and intergalactic forces to beat him.

     Infact,needless to say he won't the first battle in Infinity War.he pushed Avengers to gasp for the last breath of strength.Even though our mighty heroes won the Final battle,it costs us Iron Man and Black widow.

       If Doctor Strange hadn't teleported the heroes on time,Thanos would have smashed Cap,Iron Man and of the memorable fights involves the one between Cap and the mad Titan.Fans had almost held their breath when Thanos demonstrated his full strength,he not only knocked down Cap but also sliced the Unbreakable Vibranium Shield.

       However,it took Thanos break some sweat to fight Cap with his sword and how can we forget when Cap lifted the Mjolnir and smacked down Thanos,but when Thor elder sister,Odin First born was attacked with the Mjolnir,she grabbed it with one hand and destroyed it as if it were a pencil and she wasn't worthy of wielding the Mjolnir,it was her strength.

      Mljonir was produced from the Uru Metal which was found in Nedavellir,some place where Thor along Rocket and Groot went to get a Vibranium Shield is nothing compared to the Godly Mjolnir that Hela easily broke.

      Hela,introduced in Thor:Ragnarok was one of the biggest threat he has ever faced.Stronger than Loki,Malekith and Ultron.Hela is the Goddess of Death.she not only destroyed the Hammer but also sent Thor away in space.After losing his greatest weapon,Thor ended up in Sakaar and took a whole movie to defeat Hela.

     Technically,Thor never defeated Hela nor he ever could,Had Surtur not been resurrected and killed Hela,Thor wouldn't have won.Thor had higher chances of Killing Thanos over Hela,Defeating Bela even cost him Asgard as Surtur destroyed Asgard alongside his sister (supposedly).

      Evidently,Hela the Goddess of Death is the Strongest MCU Villain.

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