How to use lime and nim tree leafs to treat gonorrhea


Hi dearest, I hope you are doing well. Today am in again to introduce another effective method to get rid of gonorrhea permanently. Yeah permanently, please and please if you are treating any sickness or infection, please support everything you do with prayer

As I mentioned earlier, we will be using fresh nim tree leafs and lime. Fresh nim tree leafs are very healthy, they look green, and firm. How to go about it, boil your fresh nim tree leafs any amount per your wish, add half part of lime to one capful of the boiled leaf. Before drinking

Yeah it's a little bitter but good for you. Drink a capful or half every morning before taking real breakfast. Only mornings. And not recommended for children below 18, pregnant women and lactating mother's. If you used to have pain during menstruation please you can also drink it. I don't mean you have gonorrhea but the medicine is highly capable for reducing menstrual pain.

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