History: the fall of the Hausa Kingdoms in 1804

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The Hausa Kingdoms were said to have already existed since the first century CE. The Hausa Kingdoms stretched to the western Sudanic regions of ancient Ghana and also stretched to the Kanem-Borno empire. Kano was the most powerful Hausa city state, it was the major city for commercial trade.

The Hausa Kingdoms had a strong economy since the 15th century but it was not for long. This was because they were constantly ravaged by both internal and external wars. These wars led to terrible battles that did nothing but destroy the kingdoms both politically and economically. In the year 1804 after the Jihad war was launched, the Hausa Kingdoms were conquered by the fulani warriors, the fulani warriors were aided by Hausa peasants who did not support the Hausa leaders.

In 1808, the Hausa Kingdoms were finally disabled and they were all absorbed into the Fulani Sokoto Caliphate. This war was responsible for bringing the fall of the Hausa Kingdoms, although the last kingdom that remained was the Kanem-Borno empire which eventually ceased to exist.

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