After A Man Impregnated Wife's Friends, His Wife Did This To Hut Him Badly.

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Sheriff Adesola and Lola Adesola's three-year-old union was recently dissolved by the Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court in Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Sheriff, who prosecuted his wife, said she attempted to poison him.

Additionally, the plaintiff accused his wife of adultery. He claimed he had lost trust and love for her the moment he discovered she was dating other men.

Sheriff stated that living with a promiscuous woman was dangerous because she could infect him with STDs. As a result, he petitioned the court to declare that they should go their own ways.

Lola accepted to the divorce but rejected some of the charges brought against her.

The defendant said in court that she never liked her marriage to her spouse due to his womanizing tendencies.

I Caught My Wife Putting Poison In My Food — Husband • He Impregnated My Friend — Wife

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Sheriff, Lola explained, had a succession of lovers. According to her, he abandoned her and their children while lavishing his wealth on his mistresses.

Sheriff, she claims, committed the unforgivable act of impregnating her companion.

The defendant, who also complained of battery, stated that whenever she expressed her dissatisfaction with her husband's irresponsible behavior, he would slap her and then descend on her with heavy blows, leaving her with injuries all over her body.

The defendant pleaded with the court to give her custody of their only child but to hold him financially responsible for them.

“My lord, I tried everything I could to make my wife comfortable, but she is hell-bent on murdering me,” Sheriff said.

“Lola's goal is for me to perish. She seems unconcerned with what happens to our child or what his future holds if I die.

“I ceased to love and trust her as soon as I learned she was unfaithful to me.

“My wife has extramarital relationships. She goes out at her leisure and returns late.

“Lola ceased paying me the attention I need as her husband. She abruptly turned rebellious and began disobeying my commands.

“My wife fights and humiliates me in public and has been known to tear my clothing to bits.

“Over time, her behavior strained our connection.

“S3x with my wife has lost its attraction for me due to my fear that she would infect me with STDs.

“Lola has lost her heart. I would have died by now if her plot had succeeded. I apprehended her red-handed poisoning the food she intended to give me. I informed her parents about the event, but they took no action.

“My lord, I am at a stalemate with my wife. I beg you to put an end to it, " the complainant added.

Lola stated during her testimony, 'I get nothing by remaining married to Sheriff. My experience in our three-year-old union thus far has been one of misery. I concur, my lord, that you separate us.”

She said, "My spouse has no regard for or regard for me." He treats me like if I were a rag.

“Sheriff is the one who has committed adultery in our marriage. He has a series of partners and would rather spend his money on them than on me and our children.

“He smacks me if I speak out against his impure lifestyle and would occasionally beat me to a pulp.

Sheriff is without remorse. He conceived my buddy. I relocated back to my parents' place following this, while both his family and I attempted to resolve the situation on the ground.

“During this time period, my spouse would insist that I accompany him to the hotel and we would make love.

“On one of these times, he conceived me but refused to allow me to keep the pregnancy. Sheriff handed me N4,000 and asked that I terminate the pregnancy.

“Despite my parents' best attempts to reconcile us, he refused to accept me back because he desired that my friend, whom he pregnant, move in with him.

“My lord, I implore this court to grant me custody of our sole kid while holding him accountable for his welfare,” he concluded.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, dissolved their relationship and awarded the defendant custody of their kid.

The plaintiff was ordered to be accountable for the wellbeing of their kid.

He was instructed to pay the defendant N5,000 per month as a food stipend for their kid and to cover all other needs, including schooling and health care.


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