Meet a Beauty With Brain Who Is Under 30 Year Old And She Donates And Feed The Needy.

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Klara Kalu a famous Instagram who take to herself to donate with pads and panty liners to needy young girls in Nigeria. Klara is very famous if being herself and proud about it, when I'm saying by herself I mean she doesn't wear make up, lip stick or jewelry. She is beautiful and she is a living evidence that black is a king.

Klara is currently doing her medicine studies in Abia state University and she is doing well. Taking to Instagram she ask fellow social media users to donate whatever they have to help those who are in need. In her post she said she started this project because she is blessed, so she want to give back to those children who have nothing.

It's a truth that girls need pads every month and donating them it can make their lives easier. There are many young people who do good deeds for their communities which is a good thing. We all have to learn to give back instead of always want things for ourselves.

Klara is a good example and she is teaching so many youth to learn to do things for others. If we can teach our children to work hard and learn to help others our world can be a better place.

From klara's words she said pads they're like meat in her village while girls need it every month. So she's trying to help even though she cannot help all of them but she will help those she will afford to help.

The social media users also shared they're points of views in the post:

You don't think that this beauty with brain is doing a great job? Can you also help those in need of you get chance?

Kindly leave your opinion or your point of view about this in a comment box below. I would like to hear your point of view.

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