Sensitive VIDEO Of Two Learner's Fighting With A Brick & A Stick. Heartbreaking. A Total DISBELIEF.

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Mzansi react to a video of a leaner getting beaten at school. That's why it is more important for teachers to make sure that learners doesn't fly because they end up doing that are not really accepted. So many learners have committed suicide because they couldn't defend themselves when other kids are abusing them. This is a heartbreaking story because we have never thought that kids will do that in schools since they are having teachers that should stop them when they want to fight. It looks like some people are enjoying when we're fighting, and they regret later after we have done a big thing.

Learners need to know that everything that they do must be legit or else they might get their self into prison. That's why we are always told that who that we should never bully other kids at school because they are also there to learn not to be interrupted by us. That's why it is more important to make sure that you report whenever a learner is giving you a problem. We don't have any right to beat or bully people that are around us. So many people are now regretting the things that they have been doing back there because they have put them and places that they never think of.

People are saying that that learners should be arrested because she doesn't have any right to do what she did. Some people are saying the learner should be expelled from school because he doesn't act as if she wants to learn or something. This is not really a good thing because once you get bullied at school you will feel as if there is no one that loves you and for that, you will never go to school again. It looks like those people are not learning because every time they do those things to other learners, and they end up killing themselves.

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