Before Intimacy, Here Are 7 Types Of Food You Should Avoid

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To minimize bloating, stomach disorders, and low stamina, you should avoid certain foods before intimacy. This article will go over these foods in detail.

Before Intimacy, Avoid These Foods:

1 Spicy Meal: Eating spicy or hot foods before Intimacy can trigger indigestion, acid reflux, or vomiting.

2 Cheese includes lactose, which might upset your stomach.

3 Garlic and onions: they might change the body's odor and generate strange breath in the mouth.

4 Beans: it includes sugar molecules that are difficult for the body to digest. It may cause the emission of gas or the fart.

5 Desserts: It raises the body's insulin levels.

6 Carbs heavy in starch: too much of it might cause low blood sugar and sluggishness.

There are seven salty foods.

8 Carbonated beverages: this can cause you to burp or belch excessively.

9 Alcohol boosts the body's production of melatonin hormones, making it easier to fall asleep.

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